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Her Jaw Was Wired Shut

The other day while at the airport I saw a young woman who had her jaw wired together.

It was an odd site. She looked sad.

I am sure she felt conspicuous so I tried to observe without being obvious…but the more I looked at her, I wondered what she was thinking and feeling. Was she in pain? Did she feel awkward? How long had her jaw been wired together and how much longer would it be until she is free.

Now I realize that medical procedure of wiring someone’s jaw shut is intended to prevent the movement of the jaw, usually for the sake of healing, but it didn’t take long before I began to picture spiritual parallels. (I am weird like that.)

I thought about people in society who feel as if they have been silenced and have no voice. They feel as if no one hears their cries or understand their pain (I realize this is a stretch from the wired jaw analogy as the purpose is different and they can still communicate, but give me some lee way).

I thought about those who are broken.

I thought about those who don’t fit in…those who feel that they stand out in the crowd, and not in a good way.

The more I thought about those who stand on one side of the room lost and hurting, longing for someone to notice and accept them, the more I prayed. If they only knew that Jesus loved them deeply and wanted nothing but the best for them. If they only knew that Jesus could not only forgive their sin, but heal their hearts, answer their questions, and give them purpose. He can protect, empower, reinvigorate.

See, when I see people in society that are hurting and broken…and let’s be honest, in some ways we all fit that description from time to time…I can sense Jesus wanting to engage and encourage.
I did not feel compelled to speak to the woman in the airport the other day, but I will talk to anyone at anytime that needs hope and support.

They might feel that no one knows, hears, or sees, but Jesus does..and as His ambassadors (II Cor 5:20), we should as well.

We can’t point and laugh, we must engage and encourage…and who knows, perhaps Jesus will use us not only to build them up socially or emotionally, but we might have the opportunity to share Jesus in a way that transforms their eternity.



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