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The Art of Interruption

One of the first scriptures I memorized when I was growing up was Mark 16:15. Very clearly it commands Christ-followers to:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”

I Love that verse…always have. It offers a purpose for me as a Christian that comes from God’s passion to reach the lost right where they are. It gives direction to the fire that God put in my gut to introduce those who are hopeless to the hope they can find in Christ.

But, although I have loved the verse and wanted to embrace the cause, I did not know how to put it into action. I didn’t know how to “Go into all the world” when I was stuck in my routine, surrounded by people who were mostly convinced that their spiritual beliefs were right.

Even my ministry was built to reach those who already had some understanding of their need for God.

But, in the past seven or eight years, I have begun to understand that if we want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and authentic relationship with God with those who are not seeking him out, we have to develop the ability to interrupt their life.

They might drive past every church in their town, but are listening to their favorite radio station as they do. Let’s introduce them to the love of Christ as they are riding in their car.

They might not be willing to attend a Christian concert, but they can be found watching TV. If MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central will use commercial breaks to try to sell them soft drinks let’s use those 30 seconds to suggest the hope that comes through Jesus.

The opportunities are there…using a disruptive approach, we can interrupt the flow of their day…the stream of their media to “preach good news” in a personal and relevant way.

God says “Go”…

They might not come…

But with God-inspired creativity, we can interrupt…and we can share truth that will change their life forever.


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