The Warrior Way

Sean Dunn writes,

”Sometimes when I read the Bible, I forget that the men and women that I am reading about were just like me.. They had fears, anxieties, emotions, and failure littering their past. Often I picture these people as superhuman; God speaks to them, and without any thought of consequence, the inconvenience, or the improbability of the task, they run off in faith to achieve the goal.”

In The Warrior Way, Sean shares the discoveries of personal faith and overcoming fear by looking beyond the Bible characters actions to uncover the attitudes, perspectives, and motives that have either led them to victory (so that they can be imitated) or initiated their demise (so that they can be avoided). Sean is learning to live The Warrior Way, and you can join him on the journey.


One response to “The Warrior Way

  1. Daniel Wu

    Very true. all in the bible with the exception of Jesus himself have sin and insecure moments and feelings. thanks for reminding me of that so I can feel empowered by God’s Spirit to get me through on this earth below and that I can look forward to the day when there will be “no more pain or night never crying again” a song I learned to enjoy amen.

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